Instant Kapitan Curry Chicken/Meat Paste

Instant Kapitan Curry Chicken/Meat Paste
Instant Kapitan Curry Chicken/Meat Paste
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Curry Kapitan Chicken is a popular dish of Baba-Nyonya cuisines.

Kapitan was the name used by the Malays to address the leader in each ethnic Chinese community.

Instead of communicating with the group as a whole, they would single out the “kapitan” and communicate with him.

The “kapitan” acted as the “go between” for the two cultures, just like this recipe also bridges the gap between cuisines.

Kapitan Curry is normally cooked with chicken and normally richer with coconut milk.

In order to fulfill the convenience of Instant Cooking Paste, MyKuali’s Instant Curry Kapitan Chicken/Meat Paste is delicious even without coconut milk.

With MyKuali’s Instant Curry Kapitan Chicken/Meat Paste, this delicious meal can now be prepared easily and savored anywhere in the world.

MyKuali Instant Kapitan Curry Chicken/Meat Paste                  
Curry Kapitan Chicken (4-5 serving)                    
200 g (1 packet)   MyKuali Instant Kapitan Curry Chicken/Meat Paste            
800g - 1kg   Chicken thighs/whole chicken(In pieces)              
200 ml     Water                    
Cooking oil   For frying chicken                  
1. Fry chicken in hot oil until half cooked. Drain and set aside on a serving plate.            
2. In a clean wok, pour in "MyKuali Instant Kapitan Curry Chicken/Meat Paste" together with fried chicken, stir fry until even using low heat.
3. Pour in water, simmer chicken over medium heat until fully cooked, ready to serve.          
**Optional: Replace chicken with other ingredients such as muttons, beef, prawns, clams,  fish slice and etc.      
**Optional: Add in cooked potatoes.                    
**Optional: Add in 70ml of coconut milk/evaporated milk/fresh milk before serving.          
**Amount of water is just an estimation, you are required to top up water if the dish is too dry.        
**Optional: Add in soya sauce or salt if necessary, according to your taste and preference.          
咖喱甲必丹鸡(4 - 5 人份)                      
200克 (1 袋) MyKuali 咖喱甲必丹鸡/肉类即煮酱                
800克 - 1 公斤 鸡腿或整只鸡(块状)                  
200 毫升                        
食用油    炸鸡作用                    
1. 把鸡块炸至半熟,然后捞起放入盘里,待用。                  
2. 在净锅里,加入"MyKuali 咖喱甲必丹鸡/肉类即煮酱" 和炸鸡肉块,与小火翻炒至均匀。        
3. 加入水,然后与中火翻炒至即熟透后,即可享用。                
**随个人喜好,可使用其他材料来代替鸡肉,列如:羊肉,牛肉,虾,蛤, 鱼片等。          
**随个人喜好,可在起锅前加入 70毫升 椰浆/淡奶/鲜奶。                

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